Since years ceramic welding nozzles, pins, rollers for the high frequency welding of tubes, and ceramic backing materials for one-sided welding are established in the welding technique.

The pins made from zirconia or silicon nitride exhibit very high mechanical strength and fracture toughness.

Ceramic rollers for the high frequency welding of tubes are made of alumina or silicon nitride in dependence on the tube material.

Ceramic backing materials for one-sided welding are produced as:

  • Non-assembled ceramic profiles
  • Profiles glued on self-adhesive alumina tape
  • Profiles mounted on wire

Ceramic parts are usually used in wire processing and galvanic wire plating as wire guides and pulleys.

Ceramic parts show many advantages in comparison to the parts made of steel or tungsten carbide. The friction and the wear between the sliding material and the ceramic guide are minimized due to very high hardness and optimized slide surfaces of ceramic parts.

Cold welding between ceramics and wire is not possible. The very high electric resistivity of ceramic parts avoids static charge.

The parts are made from alumina, zirconia or silicon nitride.

Ceramic insulators are mainly produced from porcelain, steatite, cordierite or alumina.

These materials exhibit excellent electrical resistivity, low dielectric constant, very low dielectric loss factor and high dielectric strength. The electrical properties change only insignificant at high temperatures.

Alumina finds application where additionally to electrical properties very high mechanical strength is required.
Very good thermal shock resistance characterizes cordierite. Thus, cordierite parts can be used as a carrier of heating elements, besides theirs electrical applications.

Steatite connects favourable price with good electrical and mechanical properties.

Ceramics find widely application as nozzle materials. Two excellent characteristics - very high wear resistance and chemical inertness – are here decisive.

All typical jet forms (e.g. circular section jet, hollow cone and atomising jet) are possible by careful design of ceramic nozzles.

Ceramic nozzles are used e.g. at sand blasting, spray drying, agriculture crop spraying, high pressure cleaning and chemical engineering.

Ceramic parts offer many advantages in comparison with parts made of hardened or coated steels and tungsten carbide. Due to very high hardness, low surface roughness, very good chemical and thermal resistance ceramic parts are used in different machines und equipments.

These, usually very specific parts, are produced according to the customers drawings. Very high accuracy of ±1 µm is possible. The parts can be produced in quantities from single pieces till thousands.

Ceramic tubes and rods are used in many technical equipments.

The tubes and rods are made from materials C-799, C-530 and C-610.

Our delivery program contains tubes with outside/inside diameter from 2/1 mm up to 40/32 mm and length up to 1500 mm.

The tubes are produced with one, two or more holes, with both ends open or with one end closed.

The standard tubes have shape and size tolerances according to DIN 40680, DIN 43724 und DIN 43725.

In the case of specific requirements, we are able to deliver tubes with special sizes and narrow tolerances.

Ceramic Parts made from Cordierite